About Us

The Bennett Re-engineering Committee (BRC) convenes at a moment in which Bennett enjoys extraordinary support and visibility nationwide.The Bennett College Board of Trustees have convened this panel of independent state and national experts to research, design and recommend viable pathways for Bennett to move forward as a thriving institution. Through the summer of 2019, the BRC will identify opportunities for Bennett College to emerge as a leading institution of higher learning, provide exceptional student services and support, help to amplify the Bennett brand and increase academic value. To this end, the BRC will focus on four core areas: 1) Academics; 2) Student Services & Support; 3) Finance and Administration; and 4) Governance.

The BRC will be supported by two external firms; Exert 360 and TEQUITY. These firms are strategic consultation and evaluation research firms that partner with philanthropic, government, and other organizations to develop, implement, and evaluate social investments. The firms engage organizations in data-driven decision-making methodologies that unleash the power of their brands to spur growth and drive competitive advantage.